quarta-feira, 21 de junho de 2017

Here's an idea that could make you a small fortune...

Hi VeraMattosBA.veramattos,

I'm not one to just go around and tell my friends random things� If you know me, then you know that I always like to make sure that I know what I'm talking about first.

This is why I waited so long before telling you what is in this email.

One of my closest friends works at a high tech medical firm. They discovered a very successful cure for a certain type of tumor.

For some odd reasons though, their share price crashed through the floor. It went from 2 bucks to like 10 cents over the last few weeks.

My buddy believes that this is due to people being misinformed regarding a new trump policy.

The reality is, the company I'm telling you about right now is about to get f d a approval in the next few weeks and their price is guaranteed to go up more than 15 times its current price.

This is why I think you should take a very close look at q's'm'g (without the apostrophes of course). This is the ticker of the company in question.

If you want something that's practically a sure bet, I recommend you get in this stock today. Even if it's for a modest amount.

You'll be in for a good ride.

Best Regards,
Orval Oneal

terça-feira, 20 de junho de 2017

Not sure where to invest? Here's a sure bet.

Our country is going through a strange era. Recent political changes have oddly affected the markets and pretty much most stocks are on over drive right now.

If you have just a few thousand bucks to put into something, picking a winning company is not very easy since everything is so inflated.

I do however know of one that could be life changing. You know, it's a situation like one of those that you only read in the newspaper.

How a guy got really lucky when he put a few thousand in some small company and he made out like a bandit.

Is it just luck though? Or is there more to it than meets the eye?

I have it on good authority that a small medical research company has made a giant breakthrough in getting approval for a rare form of cancer.

Their shares were at over 2 bucks a couple of months ago, but sank to just a few cents when rumors spread that the treatment was ineffective in people.

Those rumors were not false, but they were based on segmented information.

The truth is that the treatment works and the company just got it past government approval.

The news is not public yet, though. At just a few cents a share, you have no downside. You can get in right now at rock bottom and watch it go right back to where it was a few months ago (to over 2 bucks) in a matter of hours once the announcement is out.

The symbol you need to use for the stock is q-s-m-g without the hyphens of course. You just give that to your broker or put it in yourself online in your portal and get in.

Maybe, you too, can make the newspapers for being a "lucky" person but you and I both know the real story.

quinta-feira, 18 de maio de 2017

DIALOGO - Resgate da Memória e da Luta da Família do Sertanejo Brasileiro

Assunto: Lançamento nacional do livro ´Penúria em um Sertão de Cicero Oliveira, dia 19, às 19 h, na Casa da Música de Itapuã DIALOGO - Resgate da Memória e da Luta da Família do Sertanejo Brasileiro
A grande novidade desse primeiro semestre na Bahia é o lançamento nacional do livro PENÚRIA EM UM SERTÃO, coquetel no próximo dia 19, sexta-feira, às 19 horas, na CASA DE MUSICA DE ITAPUÃ, em Salvador-Ba, da autoria de Cícero Oliveira, que já desponta como um dos grandes nomes da literatura, lançado pelas Edições Contemp na década passada. Penúria em um Sertão traz prefácio de Rita Guillem D´Almeida, SP, e apresentação de Stephen Beltrão e José Jairop Soares de Azevedo, capa de Naiane Marina.