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Even when the defenders
Children's rights are threatened?

The journalist, psychoanalyst Vera Mattos, granted me, directly from Bahia, where this exclusive interview reports everything that has spent all this time in their struggle for human rights, not giving up never to fight for justice, by receiving more threats of the powerful!

Sandrah - You are president of the Foundation Jaqueira which takes the name of his mother, Maria Lucia Jaqueira de Mattos. With it you started to Human Rights?

Vera Mattos - Today I did understand. That my mother brought huge examples for those who live with her. Even though the traditional family, and with resources, it has always provided equal to daily practice. Treating employees well, ever make differentials; divide the food available and not the leftovers; wear those were cold; to help the needy and never denied help when the matter was within our grasp.

Even when very young, my mother maiden practiced a kind of democracy of education. Born and raised in El Salvador soon after forming themselves into teacher went to the interior of Bahia, where literate adults farms in the southwest region. There she begin to establish that farmers and employees would have to study together in the same room and with the same conditions. In some cases it was literacy night. She was very young and idealistic but with its 18 years could have important achievements. And so continued his life always preaching equality and fraternity.

Sandrah - What are the main activities of the Foundation Jaqueira in actuality and how to develop your work?

Vera Mattos - Before the death of my mother already there were tributes to her in Bahia, including the College Maria Lucia Jaqueira in muncipio of Jequié, Bahia. To our surprise was also created the Foundation Maria Lucia de Mattos Jaqueira tribute we received with great honor and joy. Even realized significant donations such as all her personal collection, including from its bibilioteca to famous works of art.

I sincerely believe that the Foundation was born even before its creation. I remember when small bear in my house several people who were in support of my mother.

They were cancer patients who are waiting for vacancies in hospitals and had not able to work my mother put in the house. And here I refer to the great prejudice generated by the disease and which created the feelings in people. My mother was called mainly by movements of the Catholic Church and hosted at home, taking care of them personally.

In this environment that prevailed was that the charity is established. I mean that she and the Sidronia aunts, Esther and Etelvina formed a group of Jaqueira women beyond their time.

It was as if the Foundation existed since lived for humanistic practice.

During these years when I am in front of the Foundation, from 2003, seek primarily serve the most needy is because what else we have in our state. I was being a good team of volunteers and we started to conduct high-quality care, offering even in privileged areas of health and that even those individuals covered agreements.

We conducted mutirões health that include psychology, speech pathology, gerontology, Psicopedagogia. Our program for ADHD - Attention disorder of Déficil of Human achieved thousands of patients.

Threats to defend children from
abuse and violence of all kinds

Sandrah - During the defense of human rights came as the powerful and the events which led to them to come to you threaten?

Vera Mattos - Through advocacy and political activism was telling me increasingly on Human Rights. And walked out of practice for the studies is now adviser on human rights through certification received by the Special Secretariat for Human Rights of the Presidency of the Republic of Brazil.

But it was the practice of care and in psychoanalysis Psicopedagogia who arrived the cases of abuse and violence committed against children, both girls as girls. A Fundação prestava atendimento as vítimas e suas famílias. The Foundation provided assistance to victims and their families.

From there, some specific cases been turned into a cause for serious threats because the monitor children and in some cases the whole family, we offer conclusive reports at the request of justice. Moreover, as president of the institution I had to go testify in court.

Also when children were being met within the Foundation had to watch for the possibility of sequestering them because we knew that pedophiles were willing to do anything.

The threats began to exist from these consultations was that the more threats exactly significant part of the aggressors with greater financial condition and that even admitted guilt.

Moreover, neither admitted that their families were treated psychologically. Unfortunately, some of these pedophiles feel quite normal that practiced even when the victims had two years of age.

So, answering your question, since we began to provide information for construction of court cases began to come into personal risk and threats that have allowed me live until the first half of 2006.

From the second half of 2006, from a case that is under secrecy of justice, I and my family spent being directly threatened. Faced burglary within the Foundation, cars following us, followed by physical assaults, armed robbery, kidnapping etc lightning. I have come to be followed and monitored.

In the second half before the show to benefit the Foundation on December 16, 2006 was robbed, taking the money and property from sonoplastia the artists present at that time. Soon after the unit of the Foundation who was in town, was completely robbed, taking the entire collection staff honored. Also all the computers were taken as well as our technology park. Nothing left.

The threats continued even after that. I would say that the right word is the psychological torture. Even in public spaces where the Foundation meeting came to be sought by men strangers.

The result is more than twenty changes of residence, was bound to meet people not to put the others at risk. My family has been significantly impaired. My daughter no longer attend university a year ago. I stopped Tuesday by cell phone and received all sorts of threats and always with the information they knew where to find me.

The last strike in the middle of the police in El Salvador warned about the kidnapping of my daughter.

I went into a Police Station to make a further report of occurrence.

Unfortunately, in Bahia is all very slow. Some institutions are serious and they quote from the prosecutor of the State of Bahia and Promoter of Foundations Luiz Eugenio Miranda. Also the performance of delegated Elizabeth Alice holder of DEAM. The Center for Justice and Human Rights of the Department of Justice and in particular in the person of Monica Bittencourt.

Unfortunately, the other organs are slow, ineffective and inefficient. Two years from the beginning of our history and no walks. Police investigation concluded. All material damage, family, professional. All the damage is there.

Today the pedophile is received by the secrecy of justice where there is blatant. When the justice dismisses the complaints the element is released and transforms people's lives into a veritable hell.

Unfortunately, judges are completely unprepared to try these cases. Or could say benevolent to the aggressors and that put in doubt by the testimony of the mothers. And I believe that there are others who face the design of a child struck show no sensitivity. And I think: for they do not care and psychological reports do not add. Only one award matters: the legal medical institute that if there was evidence conjunction carnal through violence. There are cases in which men claim to have been seduced by children from five to six years.

Sandrah - We know that Pedophilia rife throughout the country and only appears on television when the cases are resolved, as is his work on this issue and what are unfolding?

Vera Mattos - The Foundation can not stop. We continue working. As a matter of safety and especially not to endanger the other professionals I do not appear in public events. I always hidden, with address uncertain and precarious way of living. Currently I am in a slum where they watch the drama but solidarity meeting. Similarly, within the residents can seek help from there.

My case and the Foundation are in the public prosecutor of the State of Bahia.

From a very experienced delegate in Bahia heard the advice to leave Salvador and go away because I am living witness and file. So, that the police can not provide me any protection, I leave with my family here.

Violence against women of all social category

Sandrah - We know that defends the woman who suffers violence. There is a profile of the woman who suffers violence in Bahia and Brazil, what are the details of this issue. Você acredita que ainda há impunidade? Do you believe that there is still impunity?

Vera Mattos - No, there is a profile of its own. Women from all socio-economic classes suffer violence is physical or psychological. The data do not always correspond to reality and the official data are behind the violence.

Sandrah - In Bahia, the Maria da Penha Law is enforced, because the Maria da Penha was favored after 7 years, as you see the question of punishment?

Vera Mattos - In Bahia was created a network of women specifically to monitor the situation. I believe we must establish a new culture where women feel safe enough to complain and then take the process forward. Before the Maria da Penha women offered more complaints. Today, when you know you can not go back, they end up with this fear and reducing the number of registered cases.

In Bahia there is sufficient structure to the demand. Lack everything from sufficient structure to house victims and witnesses as professional as delegates, sponsors and supporters.

Sandrah - As child abuse, the psychologists warn that the pedophile is a sick and in many cases also suffered abuse in childhood. Is there a way to prevent or alert the families that you can give?

Vera Mattos - I disagree. Not always a pedophile is a patient. And it is myth that they have suffered abuse in childhood. This only serves as an argument for acquittal.

The forms of prevention begins in the family who is also one of the main ways in which child abuse occur mainly silent. When everyone is complicit because they feel ashamed to expose someone's family, forgetting that someone is suffering a lot and need help urgently.

Sandrah - What are the steps that should be taken by the Brazilian Justice, as far as protecting the rights of children and adolescents, as women's rights?

Vera Mattos - Laws exist and are many. A questão do Brasil é o cumprimento das leis. The issue is Brazil's compliance with the laws.

Daniel Ponte also suffer reprisals in Rio de Janeiro

Sandrah - How you see the protection of human rights activists themselves, as many are being threatened with death. What solution do you expect? Amnesty International works in the defense of leadership? The UN is pronounced? How do you see this?

Vera Mattos - Today I would say to a young defender: you go in this area at your own risk. Nothing expected from the state. Nada espere do seu governo. Nothing expected of his government. We abandoned our own luck. From the moment that we began to suffer the only voice we have is the press.

I quote here the case of doctor Daniel Ponte that denounced the barbarity of the Legal Medical Institute of Rio de Janeiro and is now hunted by the mafia Rio. While he is constantly threatened, can not work, all suffer psychological torture, the powerful Rio de Janeiro lead their lives comfortably with money from crime.

You can also check the names of supporters killed in recent years.

Brazil stopped in this area. Created ministry, departments and offices. But in my case for instance not get a connection and no official aid official.

Sandrah - What would you say to the leaders from all over Brazil on human rights and effective support to activists? how to articulate an effective network does not have so many threats.

Vera Mattos - Honestly, I think we're that far away. Only international organizations can help. The difficulty of linking a network seems greater for the fact that the country has great distances and we watched all forms of the networks of criminals. Anyway, we delivered the very lucky.

Sandrah - Jaqueira The Foundation is responsible for more care, what kind? Meets women, children, elderly how this activity and how to keep it? This campaign to help, what the leadership can work together and what kind of support is already effective?

Vera Mattos - While the Foundation Maria Lucia Jaqueira has obtained the title of utilities have not yet received any government action.

We need much help to meet the needy communities. I ask you to visit the site.

Sandrah - As the fund-raising, entities outside of the Bahia can help? What would you say about it.

Vera Mattos - Yes, of course I did. All resources will be well appreciated. We need to help all because I believe that only the corporation can change the social chaos we live.

Now, we need to raise funds for one of our units that are in slums households with thousands of victims of violence. We need resources for soup, for clothes, for construction of spaces. We have professional volunteers but we do not have resources to continue to work within the required pace.

Today the Bahia shows a high rate of crime. Mothers lose their sons to war with trafficking installed here. Women lose their husbands. In most cases the bodies of blacks and poor people are buried without any family by the presence of relatives of fear also become targets. We live in a society of fear.

The social injustice and inequality prevails here. The crime is the only school attended by children of the suburbs and slums that are within the noble districts. It is a sad Bahia.

Donations should be made to:
Foundation Jaqueira Maria Lucia de Mattos
AGENCY: 1510 Shopping Itaigara
Salvador - Bahia - Brazil

Deposit whatever is possible, what your pocket, common sense and allow heart!

Anônimo disse... Anonymous said ...
Extraordinary testimony and extraordinary interview.
Congratulations Vera Mattos for fighting alone against impunity. A lonely fight but to little people like this journalist to interview you'll be incorporating.
Save Vera! Save Vera!

18 de Agosto de 2008 10:44 Aug 18 2008 10:44 a.m.
Greg Mattos disse... Greg Mattos said ...
He does not deny that in your blood is the blood of warrior Mattos. Keep strong. Keep fighting.
Brazilian woman. What pride!

18 de Agosto de 2008 10:46 Aug 18 2008 10:46 a.m.
Anônimo disse... Anonymous said ...
The indifference of the government Bahia is frightening. What is the PT?
That the world is this that makes their values die?
Congratulations Vera.
I do not know if it is worth risking their lives.
Paulo Tadeu Paulo Tadeu

18 de Agosto de 2008 10:48 Aug 18 2008 10:48 a.m.
Caetano Sampaio disse... Caetano Sampaio said ...
Sandra Sacred congratulations!
Vera started up what she wanted to know more saber.Mas.
Morreu Nativo na Bahia. Native died in Bahia.Will she be the next victim?
E o Ministério Público faz o que? And the prosecutors do what?
Sad Bahia.

Caetano Sampaio Caetano Sampaio

18 de Agosto de 2008 10:52 Aug 18 2008 10:52 a.m.

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