segunda-feira, 2 de novembro de 2009

The Foundation of Maria Lucia Jaqueira Mattos urgent. Make your donation.

The Foundation of Maria Lucia Jaqueira Mattos
Urgent. Make your donation. It is a social duty, religious. Indicate this institution.

THE FOUNDATION OF MARIA LUCIA JAQUEIRA MATTOS counts more than 50 thousand patients seen in 07 years of existence, for professional volunteers, engaged, trained, trying to accomplish as much within their limites.

A Foundation jaqueira is urgent need of donations.

Donations should be made to:
Foundation Jaqueira Maria Lucia de Mattos
AGENCY: 2211 Graça
Operação: 003
Salvador - Bahia - Brazil.

Deposit whatever is possible, what your pocket, common sense and allow heart!

Friends (as), the Foundation Jaqueira an urgent need for donations of new or used computers. Non-perishable food, basic baskets, clothing: adult and child. Footwear: adult and child, furniture. Donations in kind. We are having children, pregnant women and elderly poor. We want your help in donations from bridal outfits for babies!


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